All in all the dental treatment was very good and very professional and I am very happy with the whole process and with the results. Thank you.

Omar H.

A big thank you to Dr. Justina for her care and professionalism. From now on I will be able to smile boldly!

Jekaterina T.

Thank you dr. Rūta for sincere care, time and patience. Kids aren’t afraid to go to Rūta, and even want to become dentists themselves. Thank you!

Paulius and Povilas

I am very thankful to Amicus Dentis and especially dr. Vytautas for impeccable, high-quality dental treatment. Perfect work.

Tomas V.

Thank you to dr. Vytautas, I wish many years of success! Also thank you to the girls with the matching dresses, you are super nice!

Always yours, Rita

In my several-year-long journey to the smile of my dreams, I've visited several clinics, many doctors, but only with dr. Justina I’d follow her to the end of the world. I am incredibly thankful for her, all the specialists and receptionists at the clinic, their pleasant smiles and attention makes me feel at home after the first step inside.

Gintarė T.

During the whole treatment that took almost a year, I felt great. The clinic has a great atmosphere, the receptionists always found me a convenient time slot, dr. Justina is a great specialist of her field, in my eyes, a true angel on earth. She is the first doctor in all my life that is so attentive to her work. She always gives me advice, direction, will ask how I am doing. It seems that she simply isn’t able to do her work in a painful way. I only had the best emotions during treatment and prosthetics. Now our whole family goes to this clinic. They also have a great hygienist Brigita and pediatric dentist Lina. I heartily recommend them both. We wouldn’t even think of going to another clinic. As long as these great specialists work here, we will be visiting. It’s always pleasant to come back, it’s pleasant to be here, it’s great to enjoy the result. More than half a year passed since my treatment and prosthetics, and I still am very happy with what I see in the mirror. I can finally smile widely and enjoy life. Thank you for being there!

Agnieška R.

I had to get a complicated case treated, but professional work by everyone at the clinic, calm and encouraging behavior and personal attention helped a lot and reassured me. Thank you!

Vaida P.

Our three-year-old daughter had one tooth extracted and two other teeth filled in a single visit using sedation. The procedure went well, I was surprised that my child didn’t cry, had no problem going to the doctor and had only good impressions after the procedure. Next day we got a call from the clinic to ask how we were feeling, I was pleasantly surprised with that. We are very happy to have chosen this clinic!

Oksana D.

Выражаю огромную благодарность всему коллективу Amicus dentis за профессионализм, внимание, терпение и душевность. Вы молодцы! Желаю процветания и успехов.

Marina I.

Everything is great, they did a great job fixing my teeth! :))

T. Kučinskas

I can only say the best things about the services. Like I've said to dr. Justina, she has not only given me the freedom to smile, but also fixed my paranoid fear of these specialists.

Ingrida Č.

The treatment went great! It was easy to trust the doctor and her recommendations, I knew I was in good hands. I am also glad that the procedures were done quickly, over only several weeks.

Dominyka R.

A huge thanks to the whole team for your care and my beautiful smile. I wish you all the best.

Nijolė J.

I am happy with the receptionists, and especially with the prosthetic work done by doctor Vytautas Tamošiūnas. He is a very knowledgeable and skillful specialist. Thank you very much.

S. V.

I am very happy to have chosen this clinic. I have visited many clinics, but here I was met with great professionalism, care, regard for the patient's opinion and commitment to the best result! Thank you! I know where I can always come back and I know what to recommend for others :)

Julija J.

I sincerely thank dr. Justina Jakutienė for the ability to smile again! Justina has the magic touch that creates miracles! I also want to thank the whole team for a warm welcome, communication, and care. You are true professionals! It was fun and not scary at all;)

Some of the most welcoming and warm receptionists I have ever met, always welcome with a smile, always call back and offer alternatives! Thank you both, you are the face of the clinic!

Vaida R.

I sincerely thank for great service, pleasant conversations and highest-level dental treatment and care.

R. V.

I want to thank to all the people in the clinic who played a part in the creation of my new smile. Firstly, thank you to dr. Justina, her professionalism and care dispels all anxiety of getting into the dental chair. Dr. Vytautas’ calmness and confidence probably works better than any anesthesia. Even Brigita has a way of “mesmerizing” teeth so that the usually unpleasant procedure is fine, and, it turns out, necessary. To the girls in reception, you are the best support team, your care helps a lot. Dear people at Amicus Dentis, thank you all for your sincere care and professionalism. I wish you good luck at work, may all the smiles you created bring you happiness. I wish you health and happiness. As for me, I am calm knowing my family is in your good hands.

Daiva Š.

Thanks for all team job and your smile. Merci beaucoup.

Jacky C.

A sincere thank you to dr. Justina for professional work and bringing my smile back, and the whole team for pleasant service and attention.

Violeta V.

Wonderful environment and staff. The doctors are true professionals. Thank you!


Cannot recommend highly enough! Great clinic, attentive staff, painless and informative tooth cleaning procedure. Thank you!

Aurimas D.

We are very happy that this clinic exists, and for dr. Vytautas. We wish you luck and many patients. The doctor takes into consideration what you want and suggests the best treatment. We hope the doctor continues to treat patients! Or that he comes back in some time!!! :)

Jelena P.

A HUGE THANKS to the whole team! Professional work ethic and pleasant service. Thank you!

Aušra T.

Dr. Justina is very professional, attentive, and pleasant. I am very satisfied with the final result. The service is pleasant and fluent. I am very thankful to everyone! Thank you! :)


The best clinic! For children, for adults, and for “big children” :)

Jūratė B.

Thank you, it is always pleasant to visit. Great service, competent specialists.

Tomas D.

Thank you to Brigita for professional tooth cleaning and advice on everyday oral care! Thank you for your hospitality and good mood!

Melita N.

A sincere thanks to the team at Amicus Dentis. You won’t find such professionalism, sincerity and love for one’s work anywhere. I have been going here for three years, and will be coming back (if I must) :). I am happy with my natural smile. Thank you again!

Julija S.

The best and most caring doctors. I feel very safe, I am even not afraid of the dental chair anymore :)


Lovely doctors. They explain everything, suggest the best and most modern solutions. They can solve all problems.

Česlav V.

Me and my husband are very satisfied, doctor Justina is a great specialist, the perfect communicator and explainer of information, I have no complaints about the quality of service. A hundred and ten percent recommended. :)


I would very much like to thank doctor Justina Jakutienė for an incredible, beautiful work; she made my smile perfect and brought back a smile to my face. A smile really does change everything, from self-confidence to relationships, you start liking yourself, try to get liked by others, and know that you can :) It was very pleasant going to the doctor, everything was clean, understandable, comfortable, and the result is incredible. Thank you for everything!


Doctor Justina Jakutienė is a great professional of her field; she does her work with great devotion and incredible attention to detail. She did a wonderful work on my teeth. I am more than happy. A huge thank you!

Marina M.


Professional consulting and services, attention to the customer. I am thankful for the specialists for quick and high-quality treatment.

Daiva O.

It’s very interesting, children can watch cartoons while the teeth are being fixed, we get toys.

Ignė V., 10 years old

We want to thank dr. Vytautas Tamošiūnas and the whole team for sincerity, professionalism, and impeccable service. Good luck to you all!


Thnak you! Amazing doctors, amazing clinic!

Thank you so much dr. Vytautas and his assistant, I always receive a warm welcome and it’s great to leave the clinic satisfied. All the best for everyone working at the clinic. UNTIL NEXT TIME :)

Audronė L.

It is great when the doctor comments what they are doing, then you feel safer, you know what to expect. It would be good to know what to expect during the next visit. Also, they have a great reminder system and very pleasant receptionists :)

Aistė J.

You can choose from dozens of dental clinics with great specialists and equipment, and, compared to other countries, almost for free. Of course, price and quality are important, but the true choice in our country is not either of those, but what emotions you will feel during the process. Especially if you need continuous treatment.


I’m no longer anxious to go to the dentist! Thanks to the professionals for their care and informative treatment. 5*/5 :)

Gintarė M.

Thank you! Great clinic, pleasant service. No more fear of dentists :) Good luck!

Antanas R.

I’m pleasantly surprised every time I visit this clinic. After dental evaluation, we always discuss and I get detailed explanation what will be done afterwards, in turn I have no doubts about the quality of services and the professionalism of the doctors. Once again thank you for a solved problem and good luck to the whole dream team.

Agnė R.

I would like to say the sincerest THANK YOU for the team at Amicus Dentis, especially Justina. After an accident involving a tooth, I called clinic after clinic and I was so lucky that I ended up in your clinic and you took care of me the same day. I still remember Justina’s words on the first time we met: „Don’t worry, you’ll leave with a tooth in place!” The next day was my birthday, so it was incredibly important to get fixed.


Everything is very professional, from the service to the treatment. Highly recommended


I came to the clinic because it was recommended to me. I needed a new upper denture. Doctor Justina performed an examination and gave many useful tips. I used those suggestions and I am very satisfied with the job done. Also, dental hygienist Brigita works wonderfully. I experienced no pain at the clinic and always left with a smile. The receptionists took very good care of me. I will recommend Amicus Dentis to my friends!


I am very happy I’ve found Amicus Dentis clinic! I was one of those people who had trouble sleeping when I had a visit coming, and a visit at the dental clinic was a huge trouble I remembered for years afterwards. I never thought a visit to the dentist could become an uneventful, stress-free procedure.


The perfect clinic! I can’t think of anything to improve, maybe a full-mouth anesthesia for tooth cleaning :) The staff are super nice. If I have a stressful day, this is a place to relax. I had a fear of dentists for all my life, but this clinic is an exception. I have visited many clinics, but this one is the best. If a clinic is very expensive, the staff are some times very arrogant. I have no complaints regarding anything in your clinic: the prices, the communication, the environment. Of course, lower prices would always be nice. Dentists are expensive entertainment. Here it is ALWAYS pleasant and comfortable. Maybe the first visit was stressful, afterwards never. I always come here with delight. Maybe paying up is not as fun. But the relationship is what is important! I recommend your clinic to everyone; I will get my sister to come here as well.


Implant placement was nothing new for me, but I was very surprised with a completely different process and the quality of service. Everything went smoothly and I am very satisfied with the final result. Thank you to all staff for great work. P.S. The first implant placement process was in another clinic.


I am completely satisfied with dr. Justina’s work. Everything was done very carefully, beautifully and the work is very high quality. The doctor works at the highest standard of service, everything was great.


I chose the clinic and the dentist on my daughter’s recommendation, who only consulted at the clinic. Very pleasant and attentive service during treatment, good suggestions, and professional advice. I will definitely recommend your services for my friends.

Ana N.

I am very grateful to doctor Vytautas for completely painless dental treatment and implant placement. I am very happy with your quality work and helping to decide on implant treatment.

Ona K.

We deliberated where to treat our boy for a long time. Colleagues recommended dr. Brigita. She did not disappoint, she is very pleasant, quickly got along with my child. So far, we go for consultations with no anxiety.

Mom Aušra

I went for comprehensive treatment focusing on esthetic rehabilitation. The team was very professional and very pleasant to work with. I would especially like to thank doctor Justina for her gentleness and sincerity. I recommend them to everyone. I have visited many doctors, but here I met the best ones. Thank you! (Translated from Polish.)

Patrycja S.

I would like to thank dr. Vytautas and his assistant for a great job: I am very satisfied with the result, and, of course, very thankful for quick and quality work. I will definitely recommend for everyone and will come back!

Aurelija B.

The sincerest thanks to the whole team, especially doctor Vytautas (thanks to him I can smile again)! Thank you for your sincerity, professionalism, support, and care. Thanks to you, I am not longer afraid of dentists :) Thank you sincerely.


Hands-down the best clinic I have been to. Doctor Vytautas’ professionalism inspires complete confidence and guarantees client loyalty. A huge thank you and until we meet again. Good luck!

Jurgita J.

Good specialists working at the clinic. Everything is always smooth, stress-free. I can feel the doctors’ sincerity and devotion to their work. I am happy I have found out about this clinic.


I am very satisfied with the work at the clinic! Mostly I visited dr. Justina. She taught me to overcome my fear, she was very gentle with the anesthesia. I am very thankful to the anesthetist, the oral surgeon, dr. Brigita, assistant Milda and the receptionist duo :)

Respectfully, patient Inga K.

I would like to thank dr. Raimonda Ustilienė for a great and quickly done work and a thorough explanation of my condition.

Ilona Z.

I am very happy that I had the opportunity to receive dental treatment under intravenous sedation. Since I get very anxious at the dentist, I am very happy that the clinic’s team managed to solve everything quickly and in a very professional manner.


I am very pleased with treatment and result. And I am very impressed of your service for patients. You are very responsible and professional.

Cyris B. (Sweden)

Great clinic, great team.


I thank dr. Vytautas for quickly and expertly inserted implants. The final result brings me joy every day, now that I am able to finally enjoy food.

Jonas K.

We would like to thank for saving Emilija’s teeth, we will visit again when we fly in in the future :) We are very thankful for great and pleasant service, accommodating to the client’s schedule and great teamwork! Thank you very much :)

Erika G.

I had no idea dentistry was so advanced. I had been anxious to visit dentists since childhood, so I delayed getting treatment until the condition became very bad. I was advised getting treatment under sedation – it was the discovery of my lifetime :)

When I visit for the holidays, I always visit dr. Vytautas and I would like to thank him for advice and encouragement – I have fewer and fewer troubles with my teeth as a result.


We are very thankful for quickly responding to our request for our child's tooth treatment under general anesthesia. Everything was set up in one day and all nine teeth were treated during the same visit. We would like to thank the whole staff again.


I would like to thank doctor Justina for a pleasant reception and solid advice, also the administrators for pleasant service. I wish this clinic long years and no unpleasant patients. Thank you for everything.

Gintarė M.


For a long time, I was self-conscious about my unattractive teeth. After several visits to your clinic all that has changed. I want to say thank you to doctor Justina, endodontist Raimonda and the whole team for great and pleasant service. I have what I dreamt about for very long - beautiful and healthy teeth.

A professional clinic with a great collective! I am very grateful for a brilliant smile. I will recommend you to all my friends! Good luck to you all!

Great clinic! Excellent staff and doctors. I used to be anxious of people in white coats who do stuff in your mouth, but now I have no problem showing my wonderful white teeth to the doctors at Amicus Dentis and especially dr. Justina Jakutienė.


I want to thank doctor Vytautas Tamošiūnas for the ability to smile more. :)


Where smiles are born... Amicus Dentis

I am extremely grateful to the extremely warm and professional Amicus dentis team! Dr. Justina is a very sensitive, strong specialist, in whose hands I felt safe and calm. The assistant and administrators also deserve huge compliments :) Cool company! Thanks and live! Good luck to you!

Jurgita K.

I thank doctor Vytautas for the gentle, attentive treatment! And optimism!

Agne B.