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Amicus Dentis | Sweets on Saturdays

Sweets on Saturdays

Most people know that eating a lot of candy is not healthy. However, often we do not thing what amounts to a lot. Is that a kilo of sweets a day, or maybe it is 1 piece of candy each day? In both cases it is a lot.

When speaking about sweets, it is important to understand how they promote tooth diseases. The main problem is frequent and long-term presence of sugars (various carbohydrates, e.g., glucose, fructose) in tooth plaque. Therefore not only the amount of sweets consumed should be reduced, but also the frequency.

According to a good tradition of Scandinavian countries, it is recommended to have a sweet-day rule – according to an agreement in the family, one week day is chosen (e.g., Saturday) when it is allowed to have sweets. Of course, teeth should be brushed afterwards. The point of this rule is not to eat sweets on the other days of the week. The sweets in question is not only candy, but lollipops, chocolate, cakes, pastries, but also dried fruit, jams, cookies, syrups, ice cream and other products.


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