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Mask anaesthesia

What is mask anaesthesia?

Mask anaesthesia is usually performed on children when extracting teeth or performing frenuloplasty procedures. It takes 10-15 minutes. Afterwards children wake up quickly and can go home. In order to sleep, children have to breathe anaesthetics though a mask (to “blow a balloon”) 6-8 times. A catheter is not placed into a vein. At the beginning of the procedure, before the child goes asleep, one of the parents stays with the child. When the child is sleeping, parents are asked to wait in the waiting room. After the procedure, when the child is beginning to wake up, parents are invited back.

What should I know before mask anaesthesia?

It is not allowed to eat 6 hrs before the procedure and to drink 2 hrs before the procedure. If the patient is taking any medication, you must inform the anaesthetist. Clothes should be comfortable. It the patient caught a cold, has a sore throat, cough, fever, stomach ache or has any other acute illness, please call the reception at 8 644 77447 and inform us. We recommend not brushing teeth before the procedure so as not to swallow any water.

What should I know after mask anaesthesia?

After waking up when the procedure is over, your child may be confused and cry for a short while. Sometimes (especially after a tooth extraction) there may be the taste of blood in the mouth, which may not be pleasant for your child. If local anaesthesia was performed, your child may not like the numbness in the mouth. Also your child may be in some pain. In that case, some additional painkillers are administered. All these things may affect your child’s mood, they may be irritable, upset. Your child may be dizzy, sleepy for a while. Sometimes there may be some nausea/vomiting, especially is blood is swallowed. It is allowed to drink before the procedure. It is better to drink more often in small amounts and look for nausea. Eating is allowed after roughly one to two hours, after the effects of anaesthesia go away. It is better to begin with soft, easily digested foods – porridge, yoghurt, bananas. Take medication the doctor has prescribed. If your child is in pain, take suspension of ibuprofen or paracetamol. If you encounter unusual problems, call clinic reception immediately at 8 644 77447. After work hours, go to the emergency room. Cycling, climbing, running is not allowed 24 hrs after anaesthesia. Do not take your child to kindergarten or school that day. Let them rest at home. Your child will not remember the procedure, therefore only tell them positive things, do not tell them anything was wrong (they cried, were in pain, etc.).

Who can undergo mask anaesthesia?

Children who are afraid to go to the dentist, do not tolerate treatment or are uncooperative during treatment.

Who cannot undergo mask anaesthesia?

Those sensitive (allergic) to benzodiazepines or patients with certain central nervous system illnesses. Patients with an acute infection (cold), fever.

What are the disadvantages of mask anaesthesia?

Main disadvantages are these: limited duration (10-15 min) and unprotected airways.

Is mask anaesthesia a safe procedure?

It is safe if your child’s age and weight are observed, but there is always some risk. If anaesthesia is performed by an experienced doctor in a licensed clinic, risk associated with anaesthesia is minimal, and any problems may be solved in a professional manner.

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