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Amicus Dentis | Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry

What is cosmetic dentistry?

For many years, dentists only put fillings and removed teeth. These days, patients go to dentists to improve their looks. Most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures are cosmetic fillings, ceramic veneers, crowns and bridges. Case examples

What materials are used for cosmetic dentistry?

For cosmetic dentistry, a putty-like material is used, called a light-cured composite. The material is moulded as desired and set using a visible blue light. In order to perfectly match the shape, shade and translucency of adjacent teeth, many shades and translucencies of composites are made.

How much do such fillings cost?

Cosmetic dentistry is art. The price for one tooth can vary between 100 EUR and 260 EUR and up. It depends on the scope and desired result.

How is a filling fixed to the tooth?

Cosmetic fillings are stuck to the teeth using special adhesives. It is one of the advances of modern dentistry. The area is treated with a special solution to roughen it; then the adhesive is applied; afterwards, the filling is layered to the desired shape of the tooth.

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