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M. K. Čiurlionio g. 19 Vilnius +370 644 77447
Amicus Dentis | Amicus Dentis program for children

Amicus Dentis program for children

How is the program useful for the child?

Amicus Dentis program for children ages 0-17 was created with a goal to raise children having completely healthy teeth. It is based on the experience of other countries. For a nominal monthly fee your child is provided with effective preventive measures. It ensures your child grows up with healthy teeth. In case of necessary treatment we will provide free of charge.

Free services:

  • Prophylactic check-ups 2-4 times / year;
  • Personal oral hygiene lessons 2-4 times / year;
  • Preventive and diagnostic measures: sealants, fluoride applications, fluoride rinses, fluoride tablets, etc.;
  • dietary advice;
  • Treatment of carious lesions.

Why should you consider this program?

You will find out how tooth decay develops and how it can be avoided. Teeth get more resistant to caries by applying preventive measures. Your child will have healthy teeth!

What is the fee?

The fee is 15 Eur / month.

Why is it convenient for the clinician to work with children participating in Amicus Dentis program for children?

Experience of other countries shows that children can grow up having healthy teeth. The Amicus Dentis program for children allows the dentist to concentrate on application of preventive measures. What could be better than raising the young patients with every tooth healthy?

Friend of your teeth, Amicus Dentis