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M. K. Čiurlionio g. 19 Vilnius +370 644 77447
Amicus Dentis | Why patients choose us?

Why patients choose us?

Because we work with innovative medical equipment

We made sure to provide the services using only the tools and materials by leading manufacturers (GC, Morita, Dentsply, 3M, Straumann). The clinic uses digital X-ray equipment (phosphorus plates Soredex Digora and sensor-based Suni Dr. Suni Plus), panoramic X-rays are available (Vatech Pax-i), a Zeiss microscope with several tenfold magnification is used for root canal treatment, some doctors use Surgical Acuity optics, surgical procedures and tooth whitening is performed using EPIC 10 Biolase laser. Patient records are managed using special Open Dental software. See: Modern dentistry. (Modern dentistry).


Because we have a team of professionals

12 great medical specialists work in the clinic. Every patient is treated by his main doctor, who is helped by other specialists. Therefore every service is provided by a specialist of the field

(Our team).


Because we inform patients thoroughly and clearly

A modern dental record management application Open Dental allows for exceptional communication with the patient. During the first visit after the patient’s wishes are discussed, a comprehensive treatment plan and treatment budget is presented. Visualization and discussion of the treatment plan is facilitated by the image of the patient’s teeth, created by the modern computer program. This allows to rapidly choose an optimal treatment option and predict all details.


Because treatment costs remain as discussed

During the first visit, the cost of each procedure and the complete treatment, outlined in the treatment budget, is discussed and does not change during treatment.


Because we place an emphasis on prevention

We are big believers in prevention – we pay special attention to caries prevention. We are not afraid to claim we are one of the leaders in oral health prophylaxis in Lithuania.


Because we are attentive and respectful towards the patient

We take care of every patient’s health as if it were our own, because we are grateful for the patients who believe in us and entrust us with their health, and allows us to do our best.


Because we cooperate with trusted partners

We are proud of the ability to cooperate with: L. Gintauto dental laboratory, IĮ Vytauto Adomaičio dental laboratory, UAB „Pagalba mažyliui“.