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Amicus Dentis | Lina Džiaugytė

Lina Džiaugytė

Pediatric dentist

Lina chose pediatric dentistry to help best levitra prices prevent tooth disease. Patience, knowledge and experience allow her to find common ground with young levitra for cheap canadian pharmacy patients and achieve a common goal. Children’s honesty motivates greatly to improve. Sincere smiles are the greatest buy cialis on line reward. Parents are often surprised to find children look forward to visiting doctor Lina, but it’s simple, really – you do miss your friends.


Since 2015: doctorate studies, Vilnius University Faculty lowest price viagra of Medicine. Topic of dissertation: “Influence of Psychological Theories on Children’s Oral Health”.

2010–2013: postgraduate pediatric dentistry studies in Vilnius University Žalgirio clinic. Study emphasis on preventive dentistry, oral hygiene assessment and instruction efficiency, analysed primary tooth treatment methods in healthcare sites in Lithuania. Qualification of pediatric dentist.

2005–2010: qualification of general dental practitioner, Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Dentistry.

2003–2005: young chemist’s school “Pažinimas”, presented a research study “Extraction of piperine from black pepper (Piper nigrum)”.

1993–2005: Vilnius Mindaugo secondary school.

Professional practice and experience

Since 2010: Vilnius University Žalgirio clinic. Pediatric dentist.

2010–2008: UAB Skraidenta. Pediatric dentist.

2011–2013: IĮ J. N. Zaliauskienės odontologijos klinika. Pediatric dentist.

2013–2015: UAB “Odisėja”. Pediatric dentist.

Since 2013: Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Dentistry. Lecturer of pediatric dentistry.

Since 2015: V. Tamošiūnas and J. Jakutienė dental clinic Amicus Dentis.


Since 2010: member of the Lithuanian Dental Chamber.


Doctor Lina not only attends conferences in Lithuania and abroad, but also presents her research work, reads lectures on pediatric dentistry, She also publishes articles in international scientific journals, curates pediatric dentistry students’ research.

Can fluently communicate with patients in Lithuanian, English and Russian.