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Amicus Dentis | Brigita Šinkūnienė

Brigita Šinkūnienė

Dental hygienist

Brigita does not doubt the efficiency cialis generic levitra viagra of preventive measures. By actively applying them she has kept her children’s teeth healthy. The dental hygienist buy viagra overnight delivery takes all measures to achieve this goal for her patients as well. She is convinced that the future generic propecia sale is in preventive medicine. Good dental hygiene, proper eating habits, regular prophylactic visits to dental hygienists will make sure your oral health best generic levitra prices is top notch!


2007–2010: Panevėžys College. Faculty of Medical and Social Sciences. Dental hygiene program of study.

2004–2005: Vilnius College. Faculty of Healthcare. General Nursing program of study.

1993–1996: Panevėžys A. Domaševičius School of Medicine. Medical Nursing program of study.

1981–1993: Panevėžys 16th secondary school.

Professional practice and experience

1998–2010: dental assistant, dental clinic Boras.

Since 1996: nurse, Vilnius University Hospital Santariškių clinic, Department or Rehabilitation and Intensive Therapy.

Since 2010: dental hygienist, V. Tamošiūnas and J. Jakutienė dental clinic Amicus Dentis.


Since 2005: member of the Lithuanian Dental Chamber.

Since 2010: member of the Lithuanian Society of Dental Hygienists.


Attends educational courses, conferences. Is interested in news and tendencies of prevention of oral diseases in Lithuania and the world.